This service will begin immediately by the entrusting of the event to FORUM. Some of services of the pre-convention secretariat support are described below:

1. Correspondence (e-mail, fax, letters) with the invited speakers, the discussants, the sponsors etc.

2. Preparation of the printed material of the event (letter sheets, 1st, 2nd announcement of the event, registration forms, hotel reservation forms, abstract forms, posters of the event, envelope, handout for the sponsors, program of the event, abstract book, budges, certificates of attendance etc).

3. Contacts and agreements for printings, audiovisual equipment, interpretation, hotels, convention centers and other suppliers of the event.

4. Creation (by our special division) of printed material (pictures, logo, designing, exhibitors’ floor plan etc, under the recommendations of the Organizing Committee.

5. Posting of letters and events’ material

6. Decoration of the halls of the event

7. Preparation and mailing of the event’s announcement

8. Undertaking of the payment on behalf of the Organizing Committee

9. Receipt of fees (registration fees, sponsorships) on behalf of the Organizing Committee.

10. Additional staff employment for the secretariat during the event.

11. Choice of special secretaries employment that maybe required for some discussants or sponsors.

12. Periodic reports for the tack and event’s budget

13. Contacts with the sponsors, carriers, companies for sponsorship chasing.

14. Organization and observation of the event’s promotion

15. Preparation of secretariat’s computerization

16. Area marking

The result costs of the above services will be covered by the event’s budget.

The costs of service rendering will be covered by FORUM I.C.O.